The Pensions Management Institute

The Pensions Management Institute is Planning for the Future with TestReach for Continuous Assessment

The Pensions Management Institute (PMI) uses TestReach to deliver continuous assessment tests using complex question rules and flexible question banks, in a cost-effective and secure way that maintains the integrity of the test.


The PMI is the UK’s leading professional body for those working in the field of employee benefits and retirement savings, and is renowned for providing qualifications that support and develop the experts who are running the UK’s pensions industry. As part of the PMI’s Certificate in Pension Scheme Member Guidance, candidates must take part in continuous assessment tests, which track progress and ensure they are keeping pace with the syllabus. The PMI needed a secure online assessment solution that could provide these tests in a modern format that was easy for candidates to use. It also required a system that would be cost-effective to run, irrespective of the number of candidates sitting the test.


TestReach provided an ideal solution for the PMI, as it was innovative with a modern and intuitive interface. It enabled the PMI to run their continuous assessment tests in any location with complete security. Candidates could sit their test from their home or office using secure computer lockdown, which prevented them from navigating away from the test and all completed questions were immediately saved. TestReach’s test authoring platform could facilitate the quick development of large question banks, with complex question rules to ensure the right questions were selected for each assessment. All questions could be immediately auto-scored, and TestReach’s reporting functionality provided the insights the PMI required when reviewing how individual candidates were progressing over time. In addition, with no up-front site license fees, pricing was straightforward and cost-effective, with a fixed fee per test taken.


The use of TestReach by the PMI has been a great success for the organisation. It has facilitated the roll-out of continuous assessment tests for candidates taking part in this qualification and enables the organisation to easily monitor how candidates are progressing with their studies on an on-going basis.

Candidates are offered a 10-day window to take their test and can sit it at a time and date that suits them within that window. This gives a level of convenience that is welcomed by candidates.

The flexible question bank and question rules ensure that the correct number and type of questions can be drawn randomly from the bank for each assessment, with no one question or even a similar question repeated for the same candidate. Answers are immediately auto-scored, and reports are available in real-time, so the PMI can provide feedback to candidates very quickly and efficiently.

“It’s very important to be able to provide tests in a modern way to candidates,” said Neil Scott, Head of Professional Standards at the PMI. “Our candidates welcome the convenience of being able to sit their test at a time and place that suits them, and they find the interface very easy-to-use.”

“TestReach’s question bank management, marking and reporting features have greatly simplified the management of these tests and it is very secure and cost-effective to run, irrespective of the number of candidates,” continued Scott. “We’ve also been very impressed at the level of customer service we receive from TestReach. Everyone who has been involved in the project has been great and the support given is excellent. We are now looking forward to extending our use of TestReach to more qualifications in the future.”

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