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Exam Creation

Design Great Assessments with 50+ Question Types & Interactive Canvasses

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Exam Authoring

With a diverse range of over 40 different question styles, many of them auto-scored, you can create varied and engaging assessments with TestReach. You'll find our assessment tools for authoring very intuitive to navigate, with easy-to-follow workflows that support multiple authors and external reviewers. You can easily make online resources available to candidates during the exam such as calculators, notepads or case studies, and answers can be provided in a range of formats such as drawing, spreadsheets and audio recording. Whatever your exam authoring needs, TestReach can help.

Question Banks

TestReach provides many options for creating question banks and the rules for selecting questions from those banks at exam time. Question banks can be aligned to formal pedagogical structures that allow detailed reporting based on learning outcome. Used together with the option of question randomisation, a wide variety of exam papers can be generated, which maximises the longevity of the question bank. Multiple variants of exam papers can be quickly created, and the results of all of these variants can be easily combined for reporting purposes.

Test Assembly

TestReach has an intuitive test assembly workflow that caters for all types of surveys, quizzes, formative and summative exams, assignments and diagnostic testing. With a range of different options and variables, tests can be assembled to align to any construct.

Exam Canvasses

TestReach offers a variety of exam canvasses to suit all exam types. Our flexible canvas allows candidates to easily resize any area of their screen during the exam, including the reading resources, question stem and answer area. Candidates really appreciate this smart feature, which is very intuitive and easy to use. Different style templates can be applied to the exam canvas to align with your branding or to cater for those with varied visual needs.

Exam Delivery

Cover all Exam Delivery Options within One Innovative Application

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TestReach covers all your exam delivery needs by combining the ability to create online tests with the option of online supervision. This offers huge flexibility for organisations as you can run exams or tests using any combination of the following options.

Online Assessment with Remote Invigilation

If you want to run formal exams online while ensuring the integrity of the exam, you can rely on TestReach to deliver exams with complete security using remote invigilation. TestReach is unique in offering assessment creation, roll out and remote invigilation all in one single, cloud-based solution. Through a simple process of setting a flag on your test, you can have our trained supervisors remotely invigilate your exam over the Web, connected to candidates by audio, video and remote screenshare, with everything recorded for later review. This ground-breaking offering is changing the future of formal examinations. Read More

Online Assessment at a Test Centre

You can use TestReach to roll out your exam in an online format where candidates come to a test centre to be supervised by your own in-person invigilator. Candidates can either bring their own laptop, or you may provide computers at the venue. The TestReach online system uses computer lockdown, so once the exam commences, candidates cannot navigate away from the testing application until they submit the test.

Online Assessment Without Supervision

You may wish to run tests online which do not need any supervision. In this case you can use TestReach to roll out your online test, and you have the option of using computer lockdown so that candidates cannot access any other programs or files. You can also use linear-on-the-fly testing to run randomised papers for candidates, alongside exam timers, which help make honour-based test results more robust. This could be for practice exams, ongoing course assessments and tests to determine training effectiveness.


TestReach provides a number of assessment tools and workflows for on-going assignments that includes the facility for candidates to upload submissions, marking and routing. With our comprehensive question types that include spreadsheet, essay and drawing tools, it is also possible to give students the flexibility to actually create their assignment within TestReach.

Offline Assessment at a Test Centre

The TestReach offline solution enables exams to be run at test centres without the need for internet connectivity. Our Offline Assessment Portal™ gives test centres the ability to securely download the TestReach environment, relevant exams and candidate information in advance of an exam. Candidates can sit the exam on any computer on the same network as the Offline Assessment Portal™ application and neither the candidate machine nor the Offline Assessment Portal™ requires internet access during the exam session. On completion of the exam, the test centre securely uploads candidate responses to TestReach. Exam and candidate data is encrypted so it is extremely secure and reliably maintains the integrity of the exam.

Marking & Reporting

Automated Workflows for Marking & Moderation, with Insightful Management Reports

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While the majority of TestReach question types can be auto-scored with the results presented in real-time, for exams that require manual marking, TestReach has a comprehensive marking module that includes marker management, script allocation, rubrics, borderline results and candidate feedback. The marking module is supported by a range of comprehensive reports and all activity is fully audit-trailed. Follow this link to read more about the benefits of online marking and information on how to transition to this.

Reporting and Analytics

TestReach has a full suite of analytics that present a range of statistical information on your results data enabling you to determine the effectiveness of tests, test items and question distractors. You can compare test results, candidate cohorts and measure confidence ratings, providing you with all the information you need to improve the quality and accuracy of your testing over time. Reports data can be downloaded, exported or viewed within our advanced graphical modelling tools.


TestReach has an advanced graphical tool to facilitate exam moderation in a very intuitive way. Supporting both question and exam moderation, features include removing invalid questions, accommodating dual answer keys and setting the pass-mark for the exam. Our dashboards and graphs immediately update when you adjust scoring, so you can clearly and securely track your results outcome.

Results Delivery

TestReach has a number of workflows that support the distribution of candidate feedback and results, that help you to manage and speed up the exam-to-results timeline. There are templated notifications that can be completely configured to meet your specific needs. We can also align an integration point to push results data into a system of record.

Explore the Benefits of Online Assessment With TestReach


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if you update the system?

If the functionality of the system is updated, this is immediately available as TestReach is a SaaS cloud-based solution – so you do not ever need product upgrades. TestReach is very easy to use whether writing questions, setting marking rules or reviewing reports. If something is updated, when you revisit that area of the site, you will automatically be shown some help text telling you about the new features.

Q. Can TestReach integrate with our existing systems?

Testreach can seamlessly fit into your existing technical environment. We can easily integrate with your LMS, CRM or Association Management System, so that candidates are automatically enrolled into the correct exams and results are pushed into a system of record.

Q. How does TestReach authenticate candidates?

If the candidate is using the TestReach system at an online test centre without remote invigilation, the local invigilator will assign a Test PIN Code that must be entered before the exam can be accessed. When the exam is remotely invigilated, the candidate has to present their agreed level of ID to the camera, and this is verified by the supervisor. There are also options to use advanced technologies such as facial recognition and biometric scanning.

Q. How do you charge for TestReach?

Unlike other software vendors, we don’t charge up-front site license fees or set-up fees. We have a simple pay-per-test system so you only pay for what you need, whether it’s one employee or your entire company. You can easily try out TestReach for any number of members or employees.

Q. Can TestReach be used for Third Party Candidate Management?

If you work with training partners, business customers or affiliate organisations, who provide multiple candidates that take your exams, then there are a range of features within TestReach that specifically support this structure. You can allow each of these organisations restricted access to their own portal, where they can enrol and edit their own candidate details and view their own dashboards, plus you can also allocate each organisation a specific amount of test licenses. This decentralisation of administration significantly reduces the overheads of managing exams in a tiered model.

Q. What languages can TestReach support?

TestReach can support assessments in any language including double-byte character sets such as Russian and Chinese.

Q. How secure is the data?

TestReach works with educational institutions, professional bodies and corporations in highly regulated industries who require a top level of security from their technology suppliers. Our SaaS solution complies with ISO, SAS, SSAE and ISAE standards and rigorous data-protection laws. All data is held within the EU and so is subject to EU data protection and processing laws. There is a comprehensive security model that ensures only those with sufficient security permissions can access set functionality and screens. All data is encrypted using 128-bit encryption and SSL. Exams are being run on TestReach that have been accredited by various bodies including OFQUAL and the SQA.

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