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Create any type of online assessment, run it anywhere in the world, at any time,
for any number of candidates, with the option of remote invigilation.

All within one simple-to-use, flexible and secure application.

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Every Kind of Assessment

Whether you want to run informal tests and feedback surveys, deliver online exams in test centres with computer lockdown, or provide formal exams invigilated in real-time over the web, TestReach can support all your requirements.

Reduce your administrative burden and have greater security around exam access, submission and record keeping. With our intuitive software for writing great assessments, as well as advanced marking and reporting features, we cover all your assessment needs in one easy-to-use, secure and scalable solution.

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Remote Invigilation

High-Stake Exams

Formative Tests

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Why TestReach is Changing the Future of Online Assessment


TestReach is the only cloud-based online assessment tool that delivers comprehensive test authoring capabilities, with the option of remote invigilation by in-house trained supervisors, all built into one application.

Fully Integrated

With our open API, TestReach can seamlessly integrate into your existing systems landscape. Candidates are automatically enrolled in the correct exams and results data is pushed back into a system of record.


With proven technologies and processes to prevent cheating, our SaaS solution is subject to ISO, SAS, SSAE and ISAE standards and data-protection laws. Exams run are approved by many accrediting bodies.


As a cloud-based solution, you have unlimited scalability. You can run your exams anywhere worldwide, for any number of candidates, with complete security and integrity.

Simple to Use

TestReach is very intuitive, catering for candidates with all levels of computer literacy. On the administration side, the solution is simple and easy to use, whether writing, marking or accessing reports.

Quick to Roll Out

You can easily set up and roll out your assessments to candidates anywhere globally. With our focus on world-class service and a proven methodology, you can be up and running very quickly.

A Five Step Guide to Online Examinations

Read this practical guide to running successful online examinations. Covering all the stages in the process of moving exams online, it’s full of useful insights into the factors you should consider, and tips on how to get up and running quickly, easily and successfully.

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Who We Help

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Extend the international reach of certification programmes and simplify exam logistics by moving assessments online. Members welcome the flexibility and convenience, and you maintain security and integrity.

Corporate buildings


Measure training effectiveness, assess the capabilities and knowledge of your teams, run certification programmes for employees and partners or run tests for recruiting new staff –whatever your needs, TestReach can help.

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Educational Bodies

Reach beyond the exam hall with TestReach to improve exam quality and efficiency. Whether it's faculty exams, formative assessment or distance education, TestReach can fully integrate with your current systems.

Candidates in 150+ Countries

Over 50+ Question Types

Run Exams in Any Time Zone

Test in Any Language