Complete Assessment for the Technology Industry

Increase Security and Value of Certification Programmes

Insightful Analytics on Skills and Competencies

Optional Remote Invigilation for Valid and Fair Exams

Measure Employee Knowledge and Confidence Levels

Flexible and Innovative Exam Delivery at Any Location

Streamline Partner & Channel Training and Accreditation

TestReach is an enterprise SaaS solution used to run online tests and examinations. It is transforming how examinations are run for corporations in the IT and technology industries by providing innovative and easy-to-use functionality to create, deliver, mark and report on tests, whether these are simple training effectiveness surveys or high-stakes certification exams.

TestReach includes the option to run exams using remote invigilation. This is where the exam-hall environment is recreated online, and a candidate sitting an important exam or test is monitored over-the-web by a trained TestReach supervisor in real-time. This can be of value if your organisation wishes to increase the security and value of certification exams. With TestReach remote invigilation you can ascertain the correct person has presented to sit the exam, that they have not cheated and that the exam content has not been compromised. It also means you can run a secure exam anywhere in the world, reducing the need for travel with greater convenience for candidates.

TestReach takes corporate assessment to a new level in terms of depth of functionality, flexibility and ease of use. Our innovative and intuitive interface reflects well on your organisation, and our easy integration options ensure TestReach can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

Technology Companies use TestReach for All Assessment Requirements

Running Certification Programmes

If you are running certification programmes for employees or channel partners, this can be provided in a streamlined way with TestReach. Our end-to-end exam management system enables you to author and create tests easily and deliver them on any device. Our detailed marking module will auto-score questions and issue detailed reports and analytics. You can also use the option of remote invigilation to authenticate and monitor the candidate during the exam, and this can be done on a spot-check basis if required. This increases the validity and security of the exam, and the value of your certification.

Monitoring Skills and Competencies

By running tests before, during and after training interventions and events, including monitoring confidence levels as well as knowledge, organisations gain great insights into the skills and competencies of the workforce and any gaps that need to be addressed. You can use TestReach for course evaluations, pre- and post- course tests and practice tests. This will improve and document employee knowledge of any topic area, whether product and sales knowledge or operational procedures.

Recruitment Solutions

TestReach enables organisations to run applicant screening tests in a fast, flexible and innovative way, which is a great bonus in a competitive job market. The use of TestReach remote invigilation allows organisations to run recruitment tests for any candidates at any location worldwide, giving candidates flexibility while preventing impersonation and cheating. Read more about our recruitment solutions here.

Increase Validity and Security of Tests

When you want to increase the security of exams without using remote invigilation, TestReach gives the option of delivering tests using randomised papers and questions, test timers and secure computer lockdown. In this way, it enables organisations to run tests that are a more accurate reflection of actual knowledge levels, because it reduces the chances of conferring with colleagues or checking information online during the test.

Assessment Tools from TestReach

Collaborative Question Authoring

TestReach enables organisations to streamline the creation of questions on a full range of operational topics, with many multi-media options such as high-resolution images, video, audio and case study scenarios. With TestReach you can securely manage and structure your question bank. No matter how many writers are included in the authoring process, or where they are located, our clear workflows enable a structured approach to the review process.

Collaborative Question Authoring
Secure Computer Lockdown and Randomised Questions

Secure Computer Lockdown and Randomised Questions

The use of randomised papers and questions, test timers and secure computer lockdown enable organisations to run secure tests that give valid results. With TestReach you can automatically generate test papers according to certain rules applied to questions, so that each person sitting a test gets a unique paper but at the same difficulty level. This reduces the chance of conferring and again gives a better reflection on the actual knowledge of an employee. By locking down the computer while the exam is on, the candidate cannot click out of the TestReach application to check facts online or copy your valuable content.

Secure Exam Delivery & Remote Invigilation

For high-stakes exams, organisations can deliver exams online using our integral remote invigilation, which enables candidates to sit a secure exam from any location, while being monitored over-the-web by a trained TestReach invigilator. This can be used on a ‘spot-check’ basis to enhance compliance with test rules, and increases the validity of results and compliance reports. This is convenient for candidates who can take their exam at home or in their office. This is also very useful for international recruitment, and you can read more about our recruitment solutions here.

Secure Exam Delivery & Remote Invigilation
Clear Reports and Analytics

Clear Reports and Analytics

Extensive reporting functionality gives you and your team clear insights into the capabilities of the test-takers and the performance of your assessments. You can see results immediately and can view multi-dimensional reports on pre- and post- training assessments to determine the effectiveness of your training programmes over time. In addition, fully branded certificates can be automatically generated to mark achievement. With an open API, TestReach can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems so data can move into your system of record.

All online assessment needs in one easy-to-use cloud-based solution

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a certificate be generated for candidates?

TestReach can automatically generate pdf certificates with your own corporate graphics for those who successfully pass any test created within TestReach. This enables a sense of achievement and reward.

Q. Can TestReach be integrated with our existing systems?

TestReach integrates quickly and easily with your existing CRM, LMS or HR system. Candidate details can automatically flow into TestReach and you don’t have to re-key data, which reduces the administration involved. TestReach can also pass results back to a system of record, so you have all details regarding candidate performance in one place.

Q. How secure is the data?

TestReach is ISO 27001 certified and works with educational institutions, professional bodies and corporations in highly regulated industries who require a top level of security from their technology suppliers. Our SaaS solution complies with ISO, SAS, SSAE and ISAE standards and rigorous data-protection laws. All data is held within the EU and so is subject to EU data protection and processing laws. There is a comprehensive security model that ensures only those with sufficient security permissions can access appropriate functionality. All data is encrypted using 128-bit encryption and SSL.

Q. Can the system be designed with our corporate branding?

You will have your own corporate branded portal that can be configured to meet your specific needs. Each candidate logging into your portal will do so via your own customised landing page, (or we can implement single sign on) which will display your logo and colour schemes. In addition, you can create templated tests with specific styles and branding, so that all tests created for a specific division, or of a particular type, follow the same standards.

Q. How quickly can I see test results?

Test and candidate results are updated and displayed on a range of graphical dashboards. Reports are designed to give you immediate insights into you team’s performance are updated in real-time, so you can quickly and easily find out the information you need to comprehensively manage your online tests.

Q. How do you charge for TestReach?

Unlike other software vendors, we don’t charge big up-front site license or support and maintenance fees. We charge based on usage so you only pay for what you need, whether it’s a test for one employee or your entire company.

Q. Can TestReach be used by our Training Partners or Affiliates?

There is a full hierarchical structure within TestReach to support training partners and affiliates. You can decentralise user administration to third party organisations or other parts of your company, whilst maintaining full security and control around your tests. You can allow third parties to set up and enrol their own candidates in your tests, and you can limit the number of enrolments they can make, in line with for example the number of enrolments they have paid for. There is also comprehensive reporting, so you can clearly see data relating to each partner organisation and keep a track of enrolments. This functionality can significantly reduce the overheads in managing third party organisations or a distributed team.

Q. Does TestReach support other languages?

TestReach can support assessments in any language including double-byte character sets such as Russian and Chinese.

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