Online Assessment for Manufacturing Corporations

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Certify employees, partners and customers

Measure the effectiveness of your training programmes

Gain the insight you need into the capabilities of your teams

Full audit-trails for regulatory compliance

How can TestReach help you?

TestReach provides full flexibility to cover all online assessment needs in one easy-to-use, cloud-based solution.

With TestReach, you can:

  • View advanced metrics and reports to understand the knowledge and skills of employees, how this is improving over time and where gaps may still exist.
  • Run certification programmes for employees, partners and customers.
  • Measure training effectiveness at all four stages of the Kirkpatrick evaluation model (Reaction, Learning, Behaviour & Results).
  • Determine self-assessed confidence ratings around knowledge and how this changes over time.
  • Run formal exams to ensure regulatory compliance for employees anywhere.
  • Roll out pre-screening assessments to support the recruitment of new staff.
  • Contribute to employee performance reviews with evidence based assessments.
  • Switch on remote invigilation when required to confirm that the right candidate is sitting an exam and to ensure there is no cheating.

Why do Manufacturing Corporations rely on TestReach?

TestReach is the most advanced, comprehensive and flexible online assessment solution available. It is secure, easy-to-use and much more cost-effective than taking employees and partners out of the field to sit their assessments. When companies want to assess the effectiveness of training programmes, ensure regulatory compliance or certify employees, TestReach can deliver assessments online, anywhere in the world, at any time, for any number of candidates, with complete security and integrity.

Flexible, Secure and Scalable

Whether you’re rolling out a general workplace survey for a handful of employees or a formal certification exam for all your partners globally, TestReach can help. TestReach has the flexibility to cover all your assessment needs from simple quizzes and diagnostic tests, right through to formal exams with computer lockdown and the option to turn on remote invigilation. Remote invigilation (also called remote or online proctoring) is where candidates are monitored in real time over the Web as they take the assessment. Our trained supervisors not only confirm the identity of the candidate, but they also monitor candidates very closely and ensure they do not cheat. Learn more about remote invigilation here.

Create Engaging Assessments

With a wide range of question types, in addition to the more traditional multiple choice and essay styles, a variety of engaging assessments can easily be created. Detailed questions involving the use of spreadsheets, drawing tools, recording of voice and graphing allow companies to determine if their employees and partners can understand and apply the subject matter, as opposed to just taking a measurement of knowledge levels at a particular time. Our interactive exam canvas also makes it easy for candidates to access any permitted resources such as calculators, formulas or case studies.

Detailed Reporting

Extensive reporting functionality gives you and your team clear insights into the capabilities of the test-takers and the performance of your assessments. You can see results immediately and can view multi-dimensional reports on pre- and post- training assessments to determine the effectiveness of your training programmes over time. Reporting can be configured to adhere to specified guidelines in regions where there are Workers’ Councils. There is also the capability to add confidence ratings, which allow you to quickly and easily pin-point specific areas where there is over- and under- confidence. In addition, fully branded certificates can be automatically generated to mark achievement.

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Simplify Exam Logistics

The logistics of organising paper-based exams for disparate groups is time consuming and expensive. TestReach solves this problem. You can easily roll out any style of assessment to geographically dispersed candidates in an efficient and straightforward way. Reduce time spent organising questions, printing and marking, and access results and reports in real-time.

Reduce Time Out of Office

Why spend valuable time at a training event filling in a test or feedback survey? That follow-up can be run at any time afterwards, from any location, using TestReach. This reduces time out of the office and increases the value of the time spent at the training event. Also with remote invigilation, there is no need to take staff out of the field to travel to a test centre to take their formal exams.

Flexibility to Measure Training Effectiveness

Instead of simple feedback sheets, you can move your organisation to a more structured way of measuring training effectiveness. TestReach supports the Kirkpatrick model of measuring reaction, learning, behaviour and results at all stages of the training process. Read our Guide to Measuring Training Effectiveness

Manage Roles & Permissions Across Organisation

With your assessment system you need to allocate the right level of access to employees, in line with your organisation’s hierarchy. TestReach makes it easy to establish the right roles and permissions to ensure only the correct people can access different screens, functions and results.

Raise the Value of Your Certification Programmes

If you switch on the option of remote invigilation, candidates are monitored very closely, which makes cheating extremely difficult. This means your qualification is not compromised and your accreditation gains value and status. Read more about remote invigilation here.

Reduce Hiring Fees

TestReach enables you to confirm that the right person has presented themselves for a recruitment test. With remote invigilation, candidates cannot access other materials or collude with colleagues, so you get a more accurate picture of their capabilities. You substantially reduce the cost of arranging face-to-face tests and can screen candidates anywhere in the world. Read more about our recruitment solutions here.

All online assessment needs in one easy-to-use cloud-based solution

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a certificate be generated for candidates?

TestReach can automatically generate pdf certificates with your own corporate graphics for those who successfully pass any test created within TestReach. This enables a sense of achievement and reward.

Q. Can TestReach be integrated with our existing systems?

TestReach integrates quickly and easily with your existing CRM, LMS or HR system. Candidate details can automatically flow into TestReach and you don’t have to re-key data, which reduces the administration involved. TestReach can also pass results back to a system of record, so you have all details regarding candidate performance in one place.

Q. How secure is the data?

TestReach is ISO 27001 certified and works with educational institutions, professional bodies and corporations in highly regulated industries who require a top level of security from their technology suppliers. Our SaaS solution complies with ISO, SAS, SSAE and ISAE standards and rigorous data-protection laws. All data is held within the EU and so is subject to EU data protection and processing laws. There is a comprehensive security model that ensures only those with sufficient security permissions can access appropriate functionality. All data is encrypted using 128-bit encryption and SSL.

Q. Can the system be designed with our corporate branding?

You will have your own corporate branded portal that can be configured to meet your specific needs. Each candidate logging into your portal will do so via your own customised landing page, (or we can implement single sign on) which will display your logo and colour schemes. In addition, you can create templated tests with specific styles and branding, so that all tests created for a specific division, or of a particular type, follow the same standards.

Q. How quickly can I see test results?

Test and candidate results are updated and displayed on a range of graphical dashboards. Reports are designed to give you immediate insights into you team’s performance are updated in real-time, so you can quickly and easily find out the information you need to comprehensively manage your online tests.

Q. How do you charge for TestReach?

Unlike other software vendors, we don’t charge big up-front site license or support and maintenance fees. We charge based on usage so you only pay for what you need, whether it’s a test for one employee or your entire company.

Q. Can TestReach be used by our Training Partners or Affiliates?

There is a full hierarchical structure within TestReach to support training partners and affiliates. You can decentralise user administration to third party organisations or other parts of your company, whilst maintaining full security and control around your tests. You can allow third parties to set up and enrol their own candidates in your tests, and you can limit the number of enrolments they can make, in line with for example the number of enrolments they have paid for. There is also comprehensive reporting, so you can clearly see data relating to each partner organisation and keep a track of enrolments. This functionality can significantly reduce the overheads in managing third party organisations or a distributed team.

Q. Does TestReach support other languages?

TestReach can support assessments in any language including double-byte character sets such as Russian and Chinese.

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