Recruiting the Best Talent with TestReach

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Flexibility for candidates to sit screening tests at a place and a time of their choice.

Ensures that all applicants, irrespective of location, have a similar quality experience.

Employers can reach candidates globally and extend their catchment area.

Run comprehensive screening tests in a structured and controlled way.

Convenience for candidates with no need to travel or take time off work.

Reduces chance of candidates dropping out of recruitment process.

The Recruitment Screening Challenge

How can you screen job applicants in a way that ensures they participate in the process and have a positive experience irrespective of the outcome?

In a competitive job market, if applicants are forced to travel to a specific location on a set date for an interview or assessment, they may drop out of the process, especially if they have to travel significant distances. Co-ordinating and scheduling such appointments can also add delays to the overall process, increasing the likelihood that applicants will take up alternative offers.

So how do the recruiters of the future screen candidates in a way that is flexible, convenient and reflects well on the organisation? This is where TestReach can help.

TestReach for Recruitment

TestReach is a cloud-based solution that fully supports the candidate screening process, by providing a comprehensive range of assessments covering everything from situational fluency, knowledge and decision-making through to behaviour and psychometrics. Running timed situational tests on an innovative platform like TestReach reflects well on the organisation, and the results help managers objectively determine which of the candidates really has the right capabilities to do the job.

There are many different ways to provide these assessments within TestReach, and one option is ‘remote invigilation’ – this is when a screening test is run online, and the candidate is monitored in real-time over the web by a trained supervisor, who connects to the candidate using video, audio and remote screenshare. This ensures that the correct person has presented to do the test and that they did not cheat. You can therefore be confident that the result is a true reflection of the individual’s capabilities.

You can read more about remote invigilation technology here.

Key Features

Easily create online tests addressing situational fluency, knowledge, competencies, decision making behaviour and psychometrics.

Over 50 question types that allow for comprehensive assessment, with option of record voice and video playback.

You can run timed tests with specific tasks to be done to determine if a candidate has the right capabilities for a job e.g. write specific email, fill out figures in spreadsheet.

For the duration of the test, TestReach supervisors can check ID and remotely supervise candidates via video, audio and remote screen share.

Candidates can download or upload information, such as a PowerPoint presentation, or evidence of qualifications.

Develop question banks so that unique tests can be randomly generated for each candidate.

There is comprehensive reporting that allows full analysis of marks awarded and overall scores.

As well as questions that can be auto-scored, hiring managers, HR managers and senior management can easily review responses given.

Benefits of TestReach for Recruitment

  • A very comprehensive level of candidate screening is provided, irrespective of location, to ensure that the necessary competency and capability levels are met.
  • Given the high levels of automation, the overhead associated with applicant screening is significantly reduced.
  • Multiple managers can be involved in the process and can review (and re-review) applicant responses in their own time, without having to co-ordinate diaries.
  • Only properly screened candidates are shortlisted, thus considerably reducing the interviewing effort, which can be very time consuming for all involved.
  • Applicants perceive the hiring organisation as being cutting-edge and have a very positive and flexible experience.
  • Overall timeframes can be significantly reduced.

The range of options for assessment creation, the innovative nature of the delivery and the high levels of security mean that TestReach is redefining how recruitment processes are run. No matter how many roles you’re looking to fill, if you’re hiring, then TestReach can help.

This brings recruitment screening to a whole new level. We have received really positive feedback from applicants and the process couldn’t be simpler.

- Talent Acquisition Manager, Top 20 global pharmaceutical company