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Multi-media Question Types for Immersive Assessment

High-resolution Image Viewer for X-ray Pictures

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Streamline Exam Management

Secure Process for Running Exams

TestReach is a cloud-based enterprise solution used to run computer-based assessments. It is utilised by leading medical colleges and medical faculties at the world’s top universities to streamline the management of all types of medical examinations.

TestReach provides an end-to-end assessment solution for creating medical questions, managing question banks, test assembly, exam delivery, marking, moderation and reporting. All exam delivery methods are included, including exams run online or offline in test centres or clinical environments. TestReach also includes the option of exams run using secure remote invigilation (online proctoring), where the candidate is observed over-the-web by a trained TestReach invigilator to ensure the integrity of the result.

TestReach takes computer-based medical assessment to a new level in terms of depth of functionality, flexibility and ease of use.

The team at TestReach ensured that our exams were conducted at the highest possible standard. Candidate feedback on remote invigilation has been overwhelmingly positive.

Colm Small, Head of Training and Education, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

We very much appreciate the brilliant co-ordination, organisation, execution and follow up, and the on-line TestReach exams are really working out brilliantly for the Faculty of Dentistry RCSI.

Prof. Albert Leung, Dean, RCSI Faculty of Dentistry
The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI)

Case Study from Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) is the largest postgraduate training body in Ireland and is dedicated to improving the practice of general medicine and related medical specialities. Read about how the RCPI have utilised TestReach for all item banking, test assembly, marking and moderation, plus delivered all of their exams with live remote invigilation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Assessment Tools from TestReach

Collaborative Question Authoring

TestReach enables medical colleges to streamline the creation of medical questions and easily manage and structure the question bank. No matter how many writers are included in the authoring process, or where they are located, our clear workflows enable a structured approach to the review process, before a question can be approved and added to the bank.

Collaborative Question Authoring
Range of Question Types

Range of Question Types

TestReach has over 50+ question types which facilitates the creation of very immersive and engaging medical assessments. Multi-media questions using high-resolution images, videos and audio, alongside image labelling questions, drag & drop and many different variations on auto-scored question types mean any clinical situation can be assessed in an in-depth manner. Presenting clinical case studies alongside multiple answer options is also straightforward, using our innovative interactive candidate canvas.

High-Resolution Images

For detailed examination of medical photographs such as X-Rays, TestReach has the facility to include high-resolution images in questions with no loss of detail. The candidate can easily zoom in closely on any area of the image to inspect it more closely.

High-Resolution Images
Test Assembly

Test Assembly and Blueprints

Medical schools have to run many hundreds of different types of examinations per year, for thousands of candidates. This requires a robust test assembly solution that automates the creation of exam papers, according to the required difficulty rating, topic or clinical situation. TestReach has a wide range of functionality to make the process of assembling exam papers straightforward, accurate and secure. This includes the use of blueprinting functionality where Examiners can apply blueprints when creating a test, and this can be used in a variety of ways allowing flexibility to pick questions per paper, per session or per-candidate. Our multi-part paper feature enables exams to be run in separate sections or on separate days and for marking and results to be combined.

Exam Delivery Options

TestReach enables medical schools to run computer-based assessments online or offline, depending on internet connectivity levels. Exams can be run in test centres or on mobile devices. For non-clinical exams, you can run exams online using our integral remote invigilation, which enables candidates to sit a secure exam from any location, while being monitored over-the-web by a trained TestReach invigilator.

Exam Delivery Options
Marking, Moderation and Reporting

Marking, Moderation and Data Analysis

The majority of TestReach question types can be auto-scored, but for exams that require manual marking TestReach has a comprehensive marking module, supported by a range of comprehensive reports and all activity is audit-trailed. Our results moderation tool allows for straightforward review and adjustment of results. There is a detailed analytics dashboard to present statistical information on results data, as well as multiple candidate feedback options. A wide range of statistical options are included in line with the requirements for medical exams.

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