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A 5-Step Guide

A 5-Step Guide to Online Examinations

A practical guide to running successful online examinations, including tips to get up and running quickly, easily and successfully.

Guide to Measuring Training Effectiveness

Guide to Measuring Training Effectiveness

This guide shows how online assessment can work in conjunction with the Kirkpatrick model of measuring training effectiveness.


Whitepaper: A Guide to Remote Invigilation

A comprehensive overview of remote invigilation today, including factors to consider for successful implementation.

Online Assessment Videos

Why choose Us?

Paper Has Gone! Featuring The Institute of Directors

This interview with the Institute of Directors gives their first-hand experience of the overall benefits of switching to online assessment.

Why choose Us?

The Nautical Institute & TestReach

Featuring the CEO & Accreditation Specialist of The Nautical Institute, discover how they automated delivery of their worldwide exams.

Why choose Us?

Interview with TestReach & The Institute of Directors

This interview with TestReach and Teresa Jacobs from The Institute of Directors gives you an overview of our solution.

Case Studies

The Institute of Directors

The Institute of Directors works with TestReach to offer candidates a flexible and convenient way to sit exams

The Institute of Directors wanted to provide their members with greater flexibility and convenience, while reducing time spent organising paper-based exams and exam centres and avoiding the inherent security risks of a paper based model.

They needed a solution that covered three key areas – exam authoring, the ability to run exams securely in international test centres and the option of remote invigilation.

The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals

The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals relies on TestReach to deliver exams with remote invigilation

The CIPP used TestReach to quickly and easily roll out secure online exams in test centres, in a format welcomed by their professional candidates.

“Candidates can now take this exam completely online, so we don’t have to worry about secure transport of the exam papers or the logistics of manually correcting paper-based answers. It really is a big step forward for us.”

The Nautical Institute

It’s smooth sailing for The Nautical Institute as they launch international online exams with TestReach

With up to 4000 exams to run every year, The Nautical Institute required a reliable, robust and technically sophisticated assessment system to deliver secure exams at scale, via their network of 100 worldwide training centres.

“TestReach has become completely essential to our operations because it allows us to run multiple exams at training centres around the world with complete reliability and security.”

The Pensions Management Institute

The Pensions Management Institute is Planning for the Future with TestReach for Continuous Assessment

The Pensions Management Institute (PMI) uses TestReach to deliver continuous assessment tests using complex question rules and flexible question banks, in a cost-effective and secure way that maintains the integrity of the test.

“TestReach’s question bank management, marking and reporting features have greatly simplified the management of these tests and it is very secure and cost-effective to run, irrespective of the number of candidates.”