Online Assessment for Higher Education

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Enable students to take their exams securely and with integrity anywhere in the world

Simplify logistics and remove pressure on campus facilities while reducing costs

Automate workflows associated with assessment creation, script marking and results moderation

'Switch on' remote invigilation to have students supervised over the Web

Receive detailed reports to review candidate performance and improve future exam quality

Cater for large student volumes & distance learning programs irrespective of candidate location

Leiden University Centre running Online Exams

Educational Body Case Study – Leiden University

Read about how Leiden University in the Netherlands have moved to using remote invigilation for their Special Private Online Courses. This has enabled them to offer an innovative solution for busy professional students, who can now sit exams at a location of their choice, while the University maintain full exam integrity and data security.

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Online Assessment Case Study – Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University began looking at online assessment because paper-based exams did not facilitate the increasing number of students with disabilities, so they needed an application that was easy-to-use for all students. Using TestReach streamlined the management of questions, facilitated the generation of exam papers and made the marking process easier-to-manage.

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Birmingham City University students using Online Exams

How can TestReach benefit you?

Whether you want to offer faculty exams online, cater for formative assessments, extend the reach of your exams for distance education programs or simply cater for re-sits and missed exams, TestReach gives you a complete online assessment solution.

Reduce Administration

At peak times, exam departments and faculties really struggle to cope with the administration burden of running exams. With secure automated workflows for the creation and delivery of exams that are fully audit-trailed, templated notifications and a wealth of functionality for marking, moderation and results issuing, TestReach helps to greatly reduce the administration overheads and streamline the processes involved.

Remove Geographical Limitations

If you are offering distance learning or expanding your qualifications internationally then TestReach eliminates the need to source and manage examination centres in different countries. Irrespective of location, students can use TestReach to quickly and easily take formal exams online in a very cost-effective manner. You have full control of the process as well as real-time access to examination information.

Increasing Student Numbers

Many educational bodies, universities and colleges are under pressure to increase student numbers without additional budget or facilities. Running some, or all, of specific curriculum exams online enables educational bodies to reach a much greater number of students, as the restrictions associated with physical space limitations are removed.

Assessments for Everyone

Any type of assessment can be easily created within TestReach, from traditional constructed response, spreadsheets & drawing tools to a wide variety of auto-scored & media-rich question types. Where appropriate, smart selection criteria and question randomisation allows for a variety of exam papers to be generated, maximising the longevity of the question bank. Multiple variants of exam papers can be created in a matter of minutes to cater for reasonable adjustments and special needs candidates, who might need extra time. The results of all of these variants can be easily combined for reporting purposes.

Maintain Academic Integrity

If you choose to use remote invigilation, your students will be monitored by our trained supervisors via webcam, audio and remote screen share. At the start of the session the supervisor completes a comprehensive process to secure the student’s test environment and validate the identity of the student. It is important to note that the ratio of students to supervisors is much lower than in a traditional test centre plus all activity is recorded for later review. Any infringements are dealt with as they arise and can even lead to the termination of the exam, based on the guidelines you have provided. Read more about remote invigilation here.

Cost Effective

With TestReach there are no up-front site license fees or support and maintenance charges. We have a simple pay-per-test system so you only pay for what you need, whether it’s an individual taking a re-sit or an entire class taking their faculty exams. The costs are significantly lower than those associated with renting a local test centre or hiring an individual supervisor to monitor a student.

Detailed Reporting

TestReach examination dashboards are updated in real-time. You can see results, question performance, effectiveness of distractors and many other variables. All the data is quickly and easily available, giving you insights to improve the quality of future assessments. You can also easily moderate results for individuals or across groups if required.

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Why your students will prefer TestReach


International students prefer not to travel to sit their exams, especially when many modules have been studied online, or when there is a re-sit to be taken at the end of the summer. Candidates can take the test from any location, whilst connected to our trained supervisors by audio, video and remote screen share. Depending on the style of exam, you can also offer candidates the option to select an exam date and time that suits their schedule.

Easy to Use

Every aspect of TestReach is easy to use for students. Candidates have access to a tutorial which they can take as many times as they wish and which gives them guidance on using the in-exam canvas. Tutorials can be configured in line with the question types they will experience, meaning that on exam day they are well prepared and can concentrate on completing their exam.


With a range of online assessment tools including 50 question types, interactive canvases and online resources, exams can be varied and engaging. Students can use a computer in line with standard practice, allowing them to edit answers in text editors, use spreadsheets for numerical analysis and drawing tools for graphics. Another winning feature is the ability to highlight and annotate question stems and case studies, replicating the practice of writing notes in the margin of a paper-based exam.

Over 50 question types, interactive canvases and online resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How secure is the data?

TestReach is ISO 27001 certified and works with educational institutions, professional bodies and corporations in highly regulated industries who require a top level of security from their technology suppliers. Our SaaS solution complies with ISO, SAS, SSAE and ISAE standards and rigorous data-protection laws. All data is held within the EU and so is subject to EU data protection and processing laws. There is a comprehensive security model that ensures only those with sufficient security permissions can access appropriate functionality. All data is encrypted using 128-bit encryption and SSL.

Q. Can TestReach integrate with our existing systems?

Testreach has been architected to seamlessly fit into your existing systems environment. We can easily integrate with your LMS or student management system so that students are automatically enrolled into the correct exams and results can be pushed into a system of record.

Q. What type of reports will I be able to access?

Your TestReach site has examination dashboards that are updated in real-time. You can see results, answers given, question performance, effectiveness of distractors, etc., and all the data you need is quickly and easily available, giving you the insights you need to improve the quality of future assessments.

Q. We have lots of different exam writers and markers, how do we control access to the system?

With the huge number of exam authors and markers involved in university and college exams, it is important that your online examination solution can manage controlled access for different individuals, so that sensitive data is properly protected. You may choose to have an overall administrator with full access, but others may only have access to certain parts of the exam creation or marking modules for a specific exam.

Q. If I have to moderate results for a group, is that possible?

The extensive marking and moderation functionality in TestReach includes the ability to moderate results for an individual as well as across a whole group if required. Moderation and the manipulation of results is very straightforward, with multiple graphical dashboards that simplify the process. The marking also includes rubrics, double-marking, facility for marker to record notes, script annotation, routing of scripts, sections of papers and questions to one or more markers and anonymised marking.

Higher Education Institutes Working with TestReach

Leiden University
University of Derby
University of Wurzburg
UWE Bristol
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For more information download our Datasheet for Educational Bodies