All About TestReach

Interviews With co-CEOs

All About TestReach: Interviews With co-CEOs

Containing interviews with co-CEOs Sheena Bailey and Louella Morton, the video below allows you to explore the story behind TestReach. Touching upon TestReach and its offerings, our co-CEOs discuss their own individual backgrounds, as well as how the company itself came to be. The video also portrays what the company stands for, what unites its members, and what its plans and aspirations are for the future.

“TestReach is about making a difference. It’s about applying and harnessing the power of technology, to really drive business benefits. Seeing that delta of what it was like before TestReach, and what it was like after is really amazing, and a lot of it is actually down to our people.” – Louella Morton, co-CEO of TestReach.

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