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Online exams are becoming increasingly popular because they allow for convenience and accessibility for candidates, while improving security and overall exam management for the examining body.

With TestReach, you have the flexibility to create any type of online exam through a range of functionality within the solution. This includes collaborative question authoring, item banking and different options for creating your exam paper.

With TestReach, you can access a simple-to-use and flexible solution that has a very wide range of question styles, from variations on MCQ, text and spreadsheets, right through to multi-media options such as video and audio capture. You can make multiple resources available to candidates alongside the questions, making even complex online exams easy to follow and navigate.

The majority of questions can be scored automatically as well, so it has never been easier to create engaging tests where results can be made available to candidates as soon as you wish after completion of the exam.

You can make different tools available to candidates if wished, such as calculators, notepads or case studies. If you would like to deliver exams online with TestReach, you can choose from multiple exam delivery options. You may be interested in test-only delivery or you may be interested in online proctored exam delivery, and you can choose from a range of different approaches or use them in combination.

Creating Question Banks for Exams Online

TestReach can provide you with many different options when creating question banks. You can align them to pedagogical structures which pave the way for detailed reporting and analysis of exam question performance.

With our help, you can create different variants of an online proctored exam, and if wished, you can also set up and roll out practice tests.

Test takers will be able to enjoy the benefits of studying an online course if they can also do their exam online. At the same time, you have a convenient way to not only create the test, but to also provide a quality exam experience that reflects well on your organisation.


Online Assessments

If you want to run online proctored exams and online testing while ensuring the integrity of the exam delivery, then you can rely on TestReach to help you with this.

We do this through remote invigilation. This is an integral option in the TestReach application, which means it is straightforward to select this type of delivery for any online exam when required. With TestReach remote invigilation, our trained supervisors oversee the candidate while they are sitting their exam, using audio, video and remote screenshare connections.

This makes taking an online exam more convenient and less stressful for the candidate, who does not need to travel to a test centre. It also reduces the administrative burden on the examining body, as it reduces exam logistics around managing test centres and circulating exam papers.

Understand your Options for Online Exams and Practice Tests

We understand that every exam is different. The level of security our online proctoring provides may not be required, and you also have the option to run a ‘test only’ exam where the exam is provided on our application but without the online supervision. This can be used for exams delivered at a physical test centre, or for less higher-stakes exams to be delivered at the candidates’ home.

For ‘honour-based’ online testing, you can use other security features such as computer lockdown (which prevents accessing other browser windows or applications while in the exam). You might also consider linear-on-the-fly papers, where each candidate receives a unique exam paper but with the same number of questions on certain topic areas.

The ‘test only’ approach is useful for practice exams and lower-stakes exams, such as tests to measure the effectiveness of training.


Benefits of Online Exams through TestReach

We take pride at TestReach in our service, which ensures that not only is the underlying technology the most innovative assessment solution available, but this is backed by experienced and helpful project management teams who can guide you through the change processes when you wish to move to online exams.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of online testing and why most candidates prefer it to traditional tests, then take a look below.

  • Students Prefer Digital Access: If you want students to do the best that they can on a test, then you need to provide it in a format that they are accustomed to. Through TestReach, different question types are available which means that candidates can work in a digital environment that they are familiar with. For example, the use of copy and paste when working on an essay style question or using a spreadsheet for financial calculations.

  • Marking Tests is Much More Efficient: Many people wonder if digital tests are easier to mark when compared to traditional paper tests. The short answer is yes. If the questions are auto-scored types, exam results can be made available to candidates on completion of their exam, if wished. Even if the examining body does not want to release results immediately, it greatly reduces the time for candidates to receive the outcome. TestReach also includes an extensive marking module which helps to streamline the management of marking of constructed-response question types, which again reduces the time for the turnaround of results.

  • Safety and Security is Paramount: TestReach is very experienced with delivering professional examinations, and our supervisors are well trained to pick up on any infringements that could compromise exam security. Our supervisors are extensively trained and quality-monitored to ensure the highest standards, both in the quality of service extended to candidates and in maintaining the integrity of the exam delivery.

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