Assessment Software Provider TestReach wins Digital Disruptor Award 2018

Press Release - Dublin, Ireland (23rd May, 2018)

Testreach, headquartered at NexusUCD, today announced that the company has won the Digital Disruptor award for 2018, which was presented at an Enterprise Ireland event at Deloitte Digital in London. The Digital Disruptor award created by Enterprise Ireland aims to recognise Irish companies that are disrupting the marketplace in which they operate through technological innovation. The judges recognised TestReach’s technology as transformative in the world of examinations and assessment software, and that there is a strong market demand internationally for this solution.

Speaking at the event, Louella Morton, Executive Director, Testreach said, “We are delighted to be awarded the accolade of Digital Disruptor 2018 in recognition for not only the technology we have developed but the impact it is having on the marketplace. The demand for assessment software for examinations is very apparent as the company has grown rapidly in the past few years, and we are now working with lots of different educational institutes, professional membership bodies and corporations who run certification exams for employees and partners. This rapid growth means we intend to hire a number of new staff for our Dublin office this year.”

Padraic Geraghty, Market Advisor for Digital Technologies, Enterprise Ireland said, “We are not surprised at the standard and level of disruption by Irish technology companies who are driving change in their respective sectors, and it is great to see such healthy competition for the award of Digital Disruptor 2018. TestReach, the winner as chosen by industry and market experts from Deloitte Digital UK, personifies the incredibly high standard of indigenous Irish tech companies.”

Sheena Bailey and Louella Morton set up TestReach in response to the massive increase in demand for qualifications globally, a demand that cannot be met by running exams in a traditional manner. “While there have been huge advancements in the options for learning, such as immersive learning and virtual classrooms, very little has changed with how exams are run. Candidates still have to go to exam halls and sit exams via paper with essays and multiple choice questions. We set out to change that. The ability to run an exam anywhere, at any time, and have it professionally invigilated over the web by trained supervisors is a game changer,” said Sheena Bailey, CEO, TestReach.

“This Digital Disruption award draws attention to the fact that until this technology was created there was no way to provide professional online invigilation within a single assessment application. It means that our clients can move away from running exams on paper in test centres, which is cumbersome and difficult for both administrators and candidates, to a much more streamlined and flexible approach. This is truly disrupting the exam and assessment market internationally, and we’re delighted to have this recognised today.”

TestReach technology enables organisations to create, deliver and mark exams online rather than on paper. While assessment software for examinations is not new, what is unique about TestReach is that it’s a single application to create exams and run them in a number of ways, including remote invigilation over the web. So a candidate can take an exam anywhere and be invigilated over the web by a trained TestReach supervisor, who monitors them continuously using audio, video and remote screen share, to make sure there is no cheating. This gives flexibility to both candidates and the organisations who run exams – who no longer have to source test centres and in-person invigilators.

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